So my fiance and I are great at getting gifts for each other, but we suck at keeping them a surprise! This year, she got me the apple air pods and I got her new diamond earrings with a screw back. We couldn’t wait to give them to each other! Naturally, we exchanged gifts earlier in the week before Valentine’s Day.

Because we had already exchanged gifts, I decided to surprise my fiance with a candle lit dinner and homemade pizza when she got home from work. Of course, she was running late so we had to scarf down our pizza so we could make it to a local place to paint a wooden sign together.

We made it to the place just in time and I had no idea what to expect. I am not an artist so I wasn’t really sold on the idea but tried to keep an open mind. The experience was nothing like I expected.

We had to sand all of the wood planks and stain each piece. Some of the boards still had a sticker on them. Kayla hates stickers, they gross her out so I had to peel each one off for her before we could continue.

After the stain dried, we then put together the pieces using a nail gun. They had a stencil for us with the design we picked to place on top of the wood. I was not expecting it to be that easy! Here is a picture of what it looked like after we got it all painted.

We had an awesome time together and really enjoyed the entire process. It was a great way to spend Valentine’s Day together!


Finished product!! Perfection!